Reboot and Refresh

Ever notice that a computer works much better after a reboot?

When you clean out the old programs running in the background and become willing to sit through that boring period where nothing appears to be happening, finally the system completes the reboot and everything has a nice “ahhhh” glow to it. The computer beckons you to jump in and embrace its newly increased performance.

Today we have redesigned & rebooted two of our web properties:

If you spend some time to look around you may learn a few new things. I have become a bit more personal on my About Me page, and I plan to open up a bit on my “technology and nature” thoughts quite a bit more within my blog this time around. Of course, just as before, this website will serve as an area to post about personal thoughts regarding the Genius companies, as well as other details that may not be required to be published within a press release. Also, if you are familiar with my company Bud Genius, you can now learn a little about one of the other Genius Companies, “Jet Genius”.

Wait… did you think all those previous blog posts about takeoff and landings were just a metaphor?
Ahh, putting the “b” in subtle takes a delicate touch.

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