Genius Companies

Bud Genius

Bud Genius develops technology and data analytics systems for medical cannabis and the alternative health industry. Our first product launched in 2010, an analytical chemistry cannabis testing laboratory . The company’s popular consumer website,, serves as an information platform for medical cannabis patients as well as a consumer safety service for dispensaries. BudGenius combines analytical chemistry results with social media Internet tools to help predict the therapeutic effects of thousands of marijuana strains. The web platform assists patients in selecting cannabis medicine paired to a specific medical or recreational need. BudGenius is recognized as nationwide leader with its comprehensive online database for scientifically tested cannabis. The company operates its laboratory and executive center near Los Angeles, California and hosts its technology development center in Eastern Europe.

Laboratory Website:

Corporate Website:

Jet Genius

Jet Genius is an collection of aviation holdings that provide impeccable private charter aircraft services across a myriad of brands. 30 years of industry experience provides our clients on-demand private air charters at accessible rates for both individuals and corporations. We deliver expertise and knowledge to our clients for the jet aircraft they fly, including training and safety transparency, and detailed crew capabilities. Our charter divisions enjoys providing an unparalleled commitment to safety, convenience and discretion.

Jet Genius develops and licenses a proprietary software platform that scans and pairs air charter brokers to air charter operators by searching all available flight routes, dates, jet types and safety ratings. This SaaS B2B platform is utilized daily by top aviation brands across the US-based charter aviation spectrum.

More Geniuses?

Yes. There are additional Genius brands under development. Each one involves an immensely creative “Principal Genius” driving the creative process forward. My involvement is on the advisory side. As each company matures, I will be delighted as they become true Genius brands. For now, they remain on their own trajectory.