Celebrity Cannabis Announcement Pending

We are moments away from a major announcement.

Bud Genius stated earlier this month that it would announce our first celebrity brand relationship for the cannabis industry within 30 days. I am pleased to share that this remains on track and is moving forward. Yesterday, the business representatives for our new brand partner(s) visited our corporate offices and toured our laboratory. This was a unique pleasure as previous meetings had been held at their base of operations. Among other points on the agenda, this visit was a review of our facilities and a detailed strategy meeting. We discussed rollout agenda and timelines while highlighting upcoming market opportunities. The day progressed exceptionally well and culminated with agreements to move forward with announcements as planned.

After the afternoon discussions, we took a moment to celebrate with our new partner(s) over dinner. A highlight of the evening was a lovely 2006 Pinot Noir that I have been saving for an extra special occasion. It was thoroughly enjoyed and I expect a busy year with even more celebrations.

Thankfully, I have more pinot.

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