About Angel

I am the CEO of Bud Genius (BG Medical Technologies), a publicly traded technology company producing innovations in the medical marijuana industry (OTC:RIGH), and President of Jet Genius, an air charter holdings company producing technology in the aviation industry. My first major impact to dot-com startups began by ushering in the “wifi lifestyle”, working with an incredible team developing the first-to-market technologies behind Internet connectivity in hotels and public access hotspots. In recent years I have led development for social and marketing platforms, as well as merchant transaction services and medical systems. Companies I have worked with have been engaged by prominent private equity firms and supported by strategic partnerships with tech heavyweights Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Several of these projects have received mentions in major media (ie. Rolling Stone, etc.) and awards for online innovation.

I am enthralled with shaping human experiences through technology. Two beliefs form the cornerstone of the Genius companies. First, the benefits of new technology become fully realized only when it is implemented as friendly and intuitive to the end user. Form is equally as important as function. Secondly, data is the equation by which success is optimized. Success leaves clues. Big data is the ore where valuable diamonds are located and polished into revenue models.


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