Tommy Chong in the House!

Bud Genius announced today its LOI to acquire the exclusive licensing and distribution rights for Tommy Chong brand cannabis products in California, the largest marijuana market in the world. This includes cannabis products and non-THC products, such as the Tommy Chong roller and papers from Futurola shown above.

The magnitude of this announcement is underscored by the building of a relationship that began five years ago. Our partners and acquisition, Evergreen Licensing, were one of our first Bud Genius clients in 2010/2011. Over the course of years we continued to work together on various ventures and projects building credibility and value. This crowning achievement creates a bridge of synergy and complimentary expertise leading to more accomplishments to come.

We are proud to be working with Tommy Chong, cancer survivor, activist, and the biggest living icon in cannabis. Fresh off ABC’s television show Dancing with the Stars, he breathed new life into the franchise and appeared weekly to millions of viewers globally. Now with incredible products being introduced, we bring together the Bud Genius laboratory, business team (more announcements on the way), and our software development expertise to further accelerate the Tommy Chong brand.

Folks, this is the most powerful cannabis brand in existence …and Bud Genius has it.



We are moments away from a major announcement.

Bud Genius stated earlier this month that it would announce our first celebrity brand relationship for the cannabis industry within 30 days. I am pleased to share that this remains on track and is moving forward. Yesterday, the business representatives for our new brand partner(s) visited our corporate offices and toured our laboratory. This was a unique pleasure as previous meetings had been held at their base of operations. Among other points on the agenda, this visit was a review of our facilities and a detailed strategy meeting. We discussed rollout agenda and timelines while highlighting upcoming market opportunities. The day progressed exceptionally well and culminated with agreements to move forward with announcements as planned.

After the afternoon discussions, we took a moment to celebrate with our new partner(s) over dinner. A highlight of the evening was a lovely 2006 Pinot Noir that I have been saving for an extra special occasion. It was thoroughly enjoyed and I expect a busy year with even more celebrations.

Thankfully, I have more pinot.

Ever notice that a computer works much better after a reboot?

When you clean out the old programs running in the background and become willing to sit through that boring period where nothing appears to be happening, finally the system completes the reboot and everything has a nice “ahhhh” glow to it. The computer beckons you to jump in and embrace its newly increased performance.

Today we have redesigned & rebooted two of our web properties:

If you spend some time to look around you may learn a few new things. I have become a bit more personal on my About Me page, and I plan to open up a bit on my “technology and nature” thoughts quite a bit more within my blog this time around. Of course, just as before, this website will serve as an area to post about personal thoughts regarding the Genius companies, as well as other details that may not be required to be published within a press release. Also, if you are familiar with my company Bud Genius, you can now learn a little about one of the other Genius Companies, “Jet Genius”.

Wait… did you think all those previous blog posts about takeoff and landings were just a metaphor?
Ahh, putting the “b” in subtle takes a delicate touch.